Thought Leadership Marketing

My approach to thought leadership marketing is to persuade the market to look to you for honest and reliable insight into

  • what is possible
  • how to do it, and
  • where to expect to be down the road.

Prospects get bombarded with so much hype and vaporware in the market that a credibility gap exists – no one knows who to trust.   If you have products or services you believe solve a real problem, if you have a company you’re proud of, if you have a vision of where organizations can deliver true honest value…then you are in a great position to market through Thought Leadership.

It doesn’t matter what kind of tech company you are:  prospects want the age-old values of honesty, trustworthiness, expertise, and high quality.  Your customers want to partner with organizations that have a great idea, can execute on it, and have exceptional integrity in doing so.   This is where Thought Leadership Marketing comes in.

Brad Feld, founder of tech investment firm The Foundry, endorses Thought Leadership marketing as the best orientation to creating a successful company.  Thought Leadership is “expressing marketing ideas via ‘this is why we are doing what we are doing and why it is important’ instead of ‘hey, look at me.’ ”

I can help you become a Thought Leader in your market in several ways.

  • Product / Service Design and Architecture
  • Strategic Positioning and Messaging
  • Thought Leadership Content
  • Promotion and “Buzz” Creation
  • Campaign Planning
  • Organizational Development, to make your organization more effective
  • Direct Client Interaction for Sales Support, of After Sales Implementation

As you can see, being a true thought leader is more than just snappy copy and sales pitches.  It requires the whole organization and team to be moving in the right direction so that your customers can believe in you.   You don’t have to be “all there” right now, you don’t even have to be “all there” tomorrow.   You have to be moving in the right direction, and we can help you do that.