Our Value Proposition

What We Do

  1. We create Thought Leadership marketing strategies for your organization, to position you as the expert leader in your space.
  2. We give you expert insight into navigating new technologies, so you can confidently choose which to invest in to succeed.

The Story

Every organization today faces enormous challenges in using technology to fulfill their mission.  New technologies come online with increasing velocity, enabling a bewildering array of new practices.  Markets morph – sometimes literally overnight – into new, narrow segments, each with its own critical needs and preferences.  Customers, actually the entire customer ecosystem, wrestles away more control over a brand, and demand ever more value from companies that own those brands.  Competition can blow away successful strategies, and sometimes entire companies, with innovative uses of technology.

On top of this, leaders and managers have alarmingly little time and fewer resources to think these trends through, to really understand the implications on their business operations.  The result?  At best, a lucky guess at where to invest in technology and innovation.  At worst, paralysis.  Most common, tentative initiatives that don’t work very well.

Imagine yourself sailing a ship on an ocean to a new and uncharted destination.  At best, you use the best information and skills you have, you play your hunches right, and arrive at your destination.  At worst, you just circle around unsure where you’re going.  Most likely, you start off in some direction that seems right, and spend a lot of energy making tactical direction changes, but you never really arrive.

That’s where we come in.  We are your navigator in these uncharted waters.  We will help you get to a place you’ve never been before, using tools and practices you may not be completely comfortable with, working with fewer resources than you’d like to have.  We have been helping smart, experienced entrepreneurs and business leaders for over 30 years navigate through the world of business innovation, marketing, technology and human behavior.  In these times, when the amount of hype and information and sheer volume of possibilities is overwhelming, we can guide your thinking, your planning, and your execution to get where you want to go faster and better.

How do we do this?    Your possibilities are unclear and so your course is unique.  It is something we will co-create, together, using the best of our respective abilities, the best of our collective experience, the best of our available resources, and the best of our inspired action…to lay out a course that the people in your organization will want to get behind.

It starts with a conversation.   I invite you to call us, and get this journey started now.

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